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West End 375mm Trunk Main Robotic Concrete Removal

TDG was contacted about using our high-pressure robotic cutter to remove concrete slurry that had entered a 375mm trunk sewer main during construction. Another contractor had started the process of removing the concrete deposit but their robotic milling unit was proving to be ineffective and as a result an alternative methodology was needed.

Project Highlights

  • Achieving up to 1m of concrete removal daily
  • Success development of methodology to effectively remove the concrete from the sewer main.
  • Liaising directly with client to provide daily progress updates

Pump Station Wet Well Cleaning

Cleaning of one of the largest pump stations in Brisbane, handling all waste from the S1 trunk main.

Project Highlights

  • Works completed in one shift
  • TDG water recycler performed flawlessly vacuuming debris from over 30m from unit with a 20m vertical pull
  • Specialised noise cancelling headphones with Bluetooth / UHF communication allowed worker to remain protected whilst maintaining continual communication with crews.

Sewer Bypass in Queensland

Successful Partnership with TDG and client in delivery of Sewer Bypass in Queensland

Project Highlights

  • Equipment & Personnel were mobolised to site within 2 hours, staying on scene for 10 days
  • TDG Environmental ’s ability to ramp up immediately and execute work safely and efficiently over an extended period of time
  • Using our Superior Kaiser Technology, combined with our 22,000l Semi Tankers we were able to tanker away the inflows with minimal equipment, managing the risk profile, whilst being cost efficient for the customer.

Lagoon Dredging in VIC

TDG’s unmanned (remote operated) dredge is unmatched when it comes to delivering efficient desludging of wastewater lagoons. The minimal footprint requirements of the equipment profile make it an ideal solution for sites that have challenging site constraints.

Project Highlights

  • Use of local providers for earthmoving works.
  • Able to complete the work on time and on budget.
  • Successfully completed the work in a challenging environmentally sensitive site to the client’s satisfaction.

Stormwater Survey, Inspection and Condition Assessment

Stormwater Survey, Inspection and Condition Assessment of the entire North Adelaide Storm Water network

Project Highlights

  • Mapped approx 48km of Stormwater Network & over 3,800 storm water pits.
  • Provided real time updates of project tracking and digital files with TDG’s cloud based Utility Track system.
  • Fully renewed the city’s data on their critical infrastructure, and increased visibility of these assets, the outcome of nearly 6000 man hours

Wastewater Inlet Works Cleaning in NSW

TDG Environmental was reached out by a local council to clean and clear the blockages at the inlet. The client was also aware that we were unable to clear the blockages without Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHPWB).

Project Highlights

  • Confined Space Entry: removing rags and debris around the blocked pipes
  • Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHPWB): leveraging cutting-edge technology to effectively clean inlet pipes and sump.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: sucking debris and sludge out of the inlet pipes and sump with the TDG Eco Recycler

Cleaning of a Culvert Chamber in NSW

Faced with an extremely challenging culvert, this historic brick arch required precision and caution due to its fragile nature, susceptible to damage if mishandled. TDG Environmental was tasked with cleaning out the culvert chamber, measuring nearly 30m in length and 2m in width.

Project Highlights

  • TDG’s team successfully removed the debris, with over 95% being recycled, aligning with sustainability goals and contributing to a circular economy.
  • Despite the challenging conditions, TDG exceeded expectations by completing the project one day ahead of schedule.

Sediment Removal at Airport in NSW

Client engaged TDG to assist with a major sediment removal and rectification works project for multiple On-Site Detention Basins within an Airport in NSW. These OSDs had suffered years of neglect and were contributing to localised flooding in major rain events.

Project Highlights

  • Efficient Sediment Removal: TDG efficiently managed over 300t of PFAS-traced sediment from multiple On-Site Detention Basins at the airport, addressing years of neglect and flooding issues.
  • Cost Savings: TDG negotiated competitive disposal pricing with licensed facilities, resulting in significant savings for the client.
  • Overcame Access Challenges: TDG provided an end-to-end solution, completing the project on time, within budget, and with zero environmental harm, exceeding client expectations.

Cleaning of NSW Sewer Treatment Plant

Client engaged TDG to assist with grease removal using a Class B pump for water blasting. After years of grease buildup in the sediment tank, it was deemed unsafe for the contractor to perform any hot works. TDG entered the confined space and removed all hot work hazards using high-pressure water blasting and emulsified grease […]

Project Highlights

  • Safe Grease Removal: TDG safely removed years of grease buildup from the sediment tank using a Class B pump for water blasting, avoiding the need for hot works.
  • Rigorous Safety Measures: TDG meticulously planned and executed the project, ensuring strict adherence to FIFM and LOTO procedures, thorough equipment testing, and provision of appropriate PPE.
  • Effective Communication: TDG maintained constant communication with the client and contractors, ensuring a smooth and safe workflow, demonstrating professionalism, and delivering successful outcomes.

Traffic Management and NDD Works in VIC

The project involved meticulous organisation and execution of traffic management plans, including MOAs and TGS, as well as hydro excavation to expose services and utilities for service proving. Close collaboration with surveyors facilitated accurate service proving, while careful attention was paid to reinstating surfaces to their original condition.

Project Highlights

  • Meticulous Planning: Thorough collaboration with clients and local suppliers ensured precise project execution, with works strategically scheduled for minimal disruption to the public.
  • Efficient Traffic Management: Overcoming challenges of a busy intersection, essential lane closures were managed adeptly, minimizing disruption to nearby schools and shopping complexes.
  • Timely Completion: With skilled teams and effective coordination, the project was completed well within operational timeframes, exceeding expectations and restoring normal traffic flow ahead of schedule.

Liquid Waste Removal for Event in VIC

TDG provided liquid waste removal services for the 2023 Airshow, managing the largest attendance in the event’s history; approx 20,000 per day during the trade days and 80,000 people per day during the general public days. With 8 vehicles strategically stationed on site, we removed over 710,000 litres of liquid waste throughout the event.

Project Highlights

  • Efficient Liquid Waste Removal: Successfully removed over 710,000 litres of liquid waste throughout the event
  • Collaborative Approach: TDG collaborated with numerous local suppliers to achieve desired outcomes, demonstrating effective teamwork and partnerships.
  • Meticulous Planning: Implementing a meticulously planned strategy, TDG executed the full scope of work within a challenging environment and tight timeframes, ensuring smooth operations throughout the event.

Car Removal from Creek in NSW

The successful removal of a submerged car from creek in Sydney NSW, conducted by experienced contractors via crane while ensuring minimal environmental impact and implementing traffic control for public safety, resulted in a safely accessible site following completion of fencing repairs and car removal.

Project Highlights

  • Expert Removal: The contractors lifted the car without any issues, showcasing their proficiency in such operations and preventing environmental harm.
  • Efficient Traffic Management: Traffic control measures were effectively implemented to ensure public safety during the works, demonstrating meticulous planning and execution.
  • Environmental Protection: The project successfully prevented environmental damage or flooding, highlighting TDG’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

CCTV and Laser Profiling in Wellington

TDG was tasked by the client to conduct comprehensive data collection within the project’s catchment area to evaluate network conditions and renewal needs. This involved employing various techniques, including CCTV inspections, laser profiling, and GPS surveying.

Project Highlights

  • Comprehensive and Seamless Offerings: TDG’s integrated service offerings and efficient transition to the design phase met client requirements with expertise and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Pipeline Mapping: Uncovering buried manholes and updating GIS data accurately enabled precise calculation of liner length requirements, demonstrating attention to detail and technological proficiency.
  • Client Satisfaction: The client expressed utmost satisfaction with the project outcome, highlighting TDG’s ability to exceed expectations on a challenging assignment.

MSI Inspection in Wellington

The project in Wellington involved TDG Environmental using Multi-Sensor Inspections (MSI) to profile interceptor corrosion, resulting in the discovery of rapid degradation, demonstrated through a comparison report spanning 2013 to 2020, highlighting the need for ongoing inspections and leading to client satisfaction and pipeline relining.

Project Highlights

  • Proactive Identification: Through proactive identification, the TDG Team detected severe corrosion, initiating a comparison report spanning inspections from 2013, 2018, and 2020, which revealed substantial increases in wall loss percentages (2013 = 16%, 2018 = 26%, 2020 = 28%), validating the effectiveness of MSI technology and underscoring the necessity of ongoing inspections for infrastructure planning and budgeting.
  • Prominent Waterfront Location: Undertaken in a high-profile waterfront setting, the project presented unique challenges and heightened visibility.
  • Innovative Reporting: Pioneering the development of a comparison report with the Red Zone, TDG presented findings to the client, quantifying progressive pipe wall degradation over three consecutive inspections.

Pipeline Rehabilitation for Community Centre in NSW

The client engaged TDG to conduct an investigation into a pipeline connected to a drainage tank for a Community Centre, which experienced surcharge and flooding during heavy rainfall. Through CCTV investigation, we identified the pipeline obstruction caused by large tap roots and masses. Subsequently, TDG was tasked with restoring the pipeline to its full structural […]

Project Highlights

  • Improved Drainage Capacity: Clearing the target line ensured optimal flow during heavy rainfall, mitigating flooding risks.
  • Enhanced Pipeline Integrity: Elevating the pipeline’s serviceability and structural integrity from a rating of 4/5 to 1/5, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Cost-Saving Council Solution: Avoidance of pipeline removal and replacement, offering cost-effective alternatives for the council.

Smoke Testing in Regional NSW

The client engaged TDG to carry out smoke testing as a proactive measure to identify and address leaks and defects in sewer systems. The local pump station for council has recorded more water going through then what is scheduled capacity. Through the implementation of smoke testing, TDG successfully pinpointed areas of concern within their sewer […]

Project Highlights

  • Innovative Testing Solutions: Implementing non-toxic smoke testing methods to effectively pinpoint defects and illegal connections, ensuring environmentally friendly and accurate results.
  • Transparent Communication: Client accolades for providing daily production reports and prompt communication of any immediate issues, fostering transparency and trust throughout the project duration.
  • Technology Excellence Acknowledged: Client recognition and commendations for the advanced capabilities of UtilityTrack technology, enhancing project efficiency and effectiveness.

NDD Proving in NSW

TDG delivered a comprehensive and organised solution to fulfill the client’s specified works scope, involving coordination with various contractors such as locators, traffic management, and surveyors, while navigating through multiple jurisdictions and permits including those from local government, Department of Transport, and resident notifications.

Project Highlights

  • Comprehensive Coordination: We adeptly managed the project scope, involving multiple contractors and navigating through various permit requirements from local government authorities and transportation departments.
  • Efficient Operations: Our team efficiently conducted non-destructive digging and asset verification, ensuring accurate data collection while minimising disruptions to local traffic and residents.
  • Timely Completion: Despite logistical challenges, we delivered the project on time, meeting client expectations and demonstrating our commitment to excellence in project management.

Pressure Cleaning of Dam in NSW

TDG was engaged to pressure clean and record data from pressure drains at the base of the Dam wall and spillway. The drains provide important pressure release role in operation of the dam to mitigate destabilising pressure in the structure.

Project Highlights

  • Safety Commitment: Our team achieved zero injuries while satisfying the client’s requirements, showcasing our unwavering dedication to safety and professionalism.
  • Environmental Responsibility: By utilising combination trucks, we efficiently recycled water, reducing water consumption and championing sustainable initiatives.
  • Infrastructure Improvement: Clearing operational drains enhanced the structural stability of the dam, bolstering its integrity and functionality for long-term reliability.

Assessment of Stormwater Conduits in NSW

TDG was engaged for assessment and rectification of 4.5 kilometers of Stormwater conduit and maintenance holes, utilising CCTV inspections or physical traversing methods, followed by necessary rectification works.

Project Highlights

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Maintenance: Successfully surveyed and maintained 4.5 kilometers of stormwater conduit and maintenance holes, ensuring optimal functionality through meticulous inspection and rectification.
  • Versatile Solutions: Employed a diverse range of services, including CCTV inspections, root cutting, jetting, and vacuum loading, to address various challenges and maintain system integrity effectively.
  • Effective Management of Historic Assets: Overcame challenges posed by historical infrastructure dating back to the 19th century, implementing rigorous safety protocols and efficient manual handling techniques to impress the client with successful project completion.

TDG New Zealand Embarks on Lateral Lining Installations

The project’s main goal was to conduct lateral lining installations within wastewater connections, a task requiring a high degree of expertise and precision. Our team met this challenge with remarkable proficiency, delivering outstanding results that surpassed expectations.

Project Highlights

  • Site Engineering Excellence: Our skilled site engineer, meticulously coordinated the project, ensuring all prerequisites were in place. Her attention to detail and comprehensive approach were vital in laying the groundwork for the successful installation within Lower Hutt’s wastewater network. 
  • Team Dynamics and Collaboration: Our esteemed Reline group demonstrated exceptional synergy and efficient collaboration, setting a new standard for future projects. We prioritised health and safety procedures throughout, showcasing our unwavering commitment to our team and the community’s well-being. The group’s impressive cohesion and seamless teamwork were essential to the project’s success. 
  • Client Satisfaction: Our valued client, was thoroughly impressed with the culmination of our efforts in Lower Hutt. The successful completion of the liner installations not only met but exceeded their expectations, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations.

Flood Works Recovery in QLD

Engaged to assist in flood recovery efforts for a regional council area, we set out to clean debris from 9 x 825mm pipes, including their inlets and outlets. Services provided: Kaiser Water Recycling Unit to allow for continuous cleaning operations, despite there being no onsite water An excavator and tipper to remove excess debris Traffic […]

Project Highlights

  • Collaboration: Efficient coordination of multiple work crews, including TDG operators and subcontractors, highlighted our commitment to health and safety and set a new standard for future projects.
  • Innovative Equipment: The use of the Kaiser Water Recycling Unit, along with an excavator and tipper, ensured continuous cleaning and safe debris removal, while traffic control and underground asset identification prevented potential site hazards.
  • Client Satisfaction: The successful completion of the flood recovery works not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations, laying a strong foundation for future collaborations and reinforcing our reputation for excellence. 

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