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What is Pipeline Rehabilitation?

Repairing, renovating, or restoring existing pipelines to extend their service life or improve their hydraulic performance using tried and trusted techniques and technologies.

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Pipeline rehabilitation is the process of repairing, renovating, or restoring existing pipelines to extend their service life or improve their hydraulic performance.


We use tried and trusted techniques and technologies to address issues such as leaks, corrosion, structural damage, or reduced flow capacity in pipelines. These techniques include in-pipe patching, and the use of pipeline robotics and CCTV systems to ensure the accuracy of all installations.


We use the most advanced pipeline robots on the market to complete all rehabilitation projects as efficiently, and cost-effectively, as possible.

What can Pipeline Rehabilitation achieve?

Restore hydraulic function

We use pipeline robots to cut, grind and shape pipelines. We can remove intrusions and obstructions such as tree roots, connections, and other foreign materials. We can cut junctions post-patch installation, or grind a chamfer on a displaced joint to assist with restoring a pipeline’s hydraulic function or remove a failed liner.

Remove intrusions and obstructions

We’ve taken our pipeline robotics services to another level. Our high-pressure water (HPW) pipeline robot can handle water pressures up to 43,500psi. It can perform precise cutting, and remove stubborn blockages that traditional pipeline robots may find challenging, including heavy root mass, fats and even high-strength concrete.

Extend the life of a pipeline asset

We can install engineer-approved structural cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liners for pipelines ranging from 150mm to 1050mm in diameter to repair defects such as cracked, chipped and broken pipes, leaky lifting lugs and displaced joints. Our trenchless underground repair method will extend the life of an asset and remove the need for costly excavation and replacement.

Save time and money

With access to the latest technologies in equipment, jobs that would have previously taken days can now be completed in a fraction of the time and cost, with less disruption to your operations and the environment.

Pipeline Rehabilitation Features

TDG is second to none for expert drainage rehabilitation. Utilising modern innovative trenchless technology, TDG is an industry specialist in the installation of cured in place fiberglass point repair drainage patches. Other advanced drainage rehab products include large diameter pipe seals and quality materials for sectional pipe relining. TDG have developed and provide wholistic solution packages to fully rehabilitate both stormwater and sewer network assets.

TDG’s multi-functional Pipe Rehabilitation vehicles require a small operational footprint and are complimented with mainline CCTV pipe camera systems and powerful, remotely operated Robotic Milling units. Capable of removing all types of obstructions from pipes including concrete, tree roots, intruding connections and steel objects such as steel reinforcement and screw piles. All vehicles are equipped standard with a wide range of patch packers that provide the asset manager with a cost effective option to repair drainage defects on the spot at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


High Pressure Water Blasting

Our high pressure water jet cutting robot has a huge cutting ower of 43,500psi to allow for precise, controlled and quick cutting of concrete, grout, tree roots, scaling, solidified fat, failed liner, calcium and mineral deposits. This robotic unit differentiates from he traditional milling robot units in that it utilises owerful hydro-powered motors. This multifunctional unit is equipped with CCTV to monitor and control the works externally from the pipe. Grinding and illing attachments can still be utilised ith the same unit for reinstating service connections and cutting rotruding obstructions. The robot is self-propelled via cable, eaning it is safer to operate and only one access chamber is required to be opened in order to utilise it.

What makes our service unique?

Complete Solutions

TDG provide a complete onsite solution to perform even the most challenging pipeline repair.

Experienced Patch Crew

Our experienced patch crews are highly trained and certified delivering cost saving methods to restore ageing drainage assets back to full serviceability.

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