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What is Bulk Liquid Transport?

The transportation of large quantities of waste materials. We use specialised waste vehicles purpose-built to transport substantial volumes of waste efficiently and safely.

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Bulk liquid transport is the transportation of large quantities of waste materials. We use specialised waste vehicles purpose-built to transport substantial volumes of waste efficiently and safely. This can include stormwater, grease traps, sewer, oily waters, industrial wash-waters, and more. Waste collected from our work on stormwater systems is tipped at Mainstream Recycling, our own recycling business, to be repurposed for the landscaping industry.

What problem does Bulk Liquid Transport solve?

Clear waste from your site

We’ve got the expertise and equipment needed to remove and either dispose of or recycle your large quantities of waste, whether it’s from our own projects or part of another job.

Know your waste is being disposed of appropriately

We look after the compliance requirements of your waste removal and disposal, and ensure the job is done effectively and always with environmental sustainability at the forefront, so you don’t need to think about it.

Consolidate for cost- and time-effectiveness

Transporting waste in bulk with our waste management services provides cost and time efficiencies – particularly important for industries with continuous waste generation.

Meet your environmental commitments

With environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do, you know that when working with us, you’re meeting your own environmental commitments without having to do the heavy lifting.

Bulk Liquid Transport features and what makes our service unique?

With the management of bulk waste transport regulated by both federal and state/territory governments to ensure compliance with environmental and safety standards, it’s essential to trust your total waste management solutions to a partner who is experienced enough to do the job efficiently and effectively. We’ve got the specialised equipment and experienced people necessary and we can work with you on regular transport or one-off jobs.


The key legislation we operate under, alongside our own values and operating procedures, includes the Environment Protection Act, Waste Management and Pollution Control Acts, and transport-related regulations such as the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. We have all of the necessary licenses and permits, along with many years of experience across a range of industries, including government and councils, construction, power, mining, and infrastructure. 


You can be sure we’re operating the way we say we will by viewing our tracking and manifestation documents. They give complete transparency to monitor waste volumes and ensure proper disposal.

What makes our service unique

Optimising routes and fuel-efficient vehicles

Partnering with us toward your own environmental sustainability goals is simple – not only do we ensure your waste is disposed of responsibly, but we’ve gone to the effort to invest in fuel-efficient vehicles and optimise our routes for reduced emissions.

Our own recycling facility

All stormwater waste we collect is transported to our own recycling facility, Mainstream Recycling – EPA Licenced, its patented innovative design enables us to recycle a large majority of the recovered materials and is committed to creating and supporting a circular economy.

Experience in the industry

With our years of experience in bulk waste transport, you know you’ll be working with an experienced team who has access to the latest innovations in equipment, always with safety and environmental sustainability at the forefront.

24/7 Emergency Response

At TDG Environmental our dedicated team operates around the clock, ready to respond with our 24/7 emergency spill and response services.

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