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What is Smoke Testing?

TDG conducts smoke testing services as a method in locating illegal stormwater connections and infiltration/exfiltration of sewer assets. TDG offers smoke testing for both mainline and domestic sewer and stormwater services.


Our Smoke Testing Process

To detect potential stormwater entry into the sewer system, TDG employ a method known as “smoke bombing.” This process involves the systematic injection of smoke into the sewer system, allowing inspectors to pinpoint any areas where smoke emerges, indicating potential leaks.

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Our experienced team will check by opening the manholes at both ends of the targeted sewer section and blocking the line with sandbags to contain the smoke. A smoke testing machine or blower is then positioned atop one of the manholes, dispersing smoke into the sewer. We meticulously search for smoke plumes, identifying areas requiring further attention, such as household sewer pipes or roof downpipes. Detailed reports are compiled, documenting any smoke leaks and marking them on the Council’s sewer plans for future reference. This process is repeated systematically across various sewer lines, ensuring thorough examination. Through this meticulous process, inspectors can identify and address stormwater infiltration, helping to maintain the integrity and functionality of the sewer system.

Benefits of using TDG for regular Smoke Testing

Use of Non-Toxic Smoke

TDG utilises the Cherne Sealed Manhole Smoke Test Machine, where non-toxic smoke is blown into the sewerage system via the sewer manholes.

Risk Mitigation

Prior to commencing works at each site, TDG operators will conduct a site-specific risk assessment to ensure all risks are mitigated, which will be implemented in conjunction with our Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).

Thorough Reporting

Smoke leak reports will be carefully prepared and marked on Council’s sewer plans. The reporting will be carried out by our skilled team with a thorough outline of any defects, description of defect and photos of the defects.

Public Safety

Lines that are not required to be tested are blocked off using sandbags. in order to generate more smoke into the required area. The area will also be delineated to ensure the safety of the public.

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