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About us

Our History

Established in 1989, TDG Environmental is a proudly Australian and New Zealand-owned and operated company specialising in providing innovative environmental solutions to a range of industries. We believe success is best when it’s sustainable and reliable – for the environment, our clients, and the job at hand.

As the largest and most experienced provider of sustainable waste management and recycling services throughout Australia and New Zealand, we deliver prompt, reliable, high-quality services that offer value for money and continuously put safety and sustainability at the forefront.

With world-leading technologies, experienced team members, and long-term industry knowledge, we can deliver projects of any scale, from simple blocked pipes to servicing large networks of Gross Pollutant Traps.

We’re committed to providing sustainable solutions to our industry partners, demonstrated through our owned and operated material recycling facilities – Mainstream Recycling. Our facilities are licensed to accept various wastes streams and currently recycles more than 90% of the materials received.

Our TDG Journey

The TDG Delivery Model

The goal of TDG Environmental is to offer a range of innovative services and solutions for local water authorities, recycling services, utilities, and Industrial, civil and construction sectors. To provide sustainable environmental management solutions that protect and conserve our natural resources.


We are committed to continual improvements involving our business systems, processes, equipment, and personnel.


We strive to be safe, innovative, operationally excellent, and environmentally responsible and have the best underlying systems, procedures, and teams.

TDG's Operating Model

We provide a vertically integrated service model combining programmed and periodical maintenance services, customised project solutions, and emergency and reactive call-out response services. With more than 570 employees and over 250 vehicles in our fleet, we are well equipped to resource significant programs of work and respond to short mobilisation timeframes.
Our tried-and-true process ensures we get the job done right the first time, every time. With more than 30 years of experience, you can be sure we’ll deliver prompt, reliable, high-quality services for your project, no matter the size.

Strategy To Achieve Our Mission

From the top down, we’ll achieve our mission to provide sustainable environmental management solutions that protect and conserve our natural resources by providing best practices across our operations. This includes having experienced team members with long-term industry knowledge and providing them with continued opportunities for training and development, and providing them access to the latest innovations and world-leading technologies.

With continuous improvement in mind and a laser focus on safety and sustainability, our empowered teams are capable of meeting our clients’ requirements while operating optimally
to achieve our mission.

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    What we Offer

    TDG Environmental is the most experienced provider of sustainable waste and stormwater management solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand specialising in a comprehensive range of environmental services including:

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