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What is Pipeline Integrity Management and Condition Assessment (CCTV)?

Pipeline integrity management and condition assessment using CCTV involves an in-depth inspection process of the interior of underground pipelines.

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Utilising robotic CCTV along with other sensor technologies such as sonar, laser, and magnetic particle inspection, the inspection ensures the structural integrity and optimal performance of the conduits. This inspection process confirms that the pipelines comply with safety standards and pipeline safety regulations.


The assessment of pipelines is conducted according to national standards like WSA05 in Australia or NZPIM in New Zealand. These standards guide the generation of detailed reports that highlight serviceability and structural issues, allowing pipeline operators to identify and address potential defects. The information obtained from these inspections enables targeted pipeline rehabilitation, cleansing, or monitoring to maintain service levels and minimise incidents and insurance claims.

What problem does Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment (CCTV) solve?

Full Visibility of Your Pipeline Infrastructure

Pipeline inspection and condition assessment provide a consolidated view of your pipeline infrastructure. Whether you need to survey an entire catchment area or specific sections of your underground pipelines, this service offers detailed inspection data to equip you with the necessary insights for maintenance and repair decisions.

Locate Blockages and Detect Leaks Easily

Using CCTV for pipeline inspections is a non-destructive method that allows for the efficient location of blockages and detection of leaks. By identifying the exact source of these issues, pipeline operators can implement effective maintenance strategies. Our team provides recommendations for pipeline rehabilitation and can schedule immediate action if critical faults are discovered, ensuring the optimal performance of the pipeline system.

Limit Unplanned Downtime

Accurate identification of the location and source of issues or required maintenance enables planned downtime, minimising disruption to operations. Implementing effective maintenance strategies based on this data ensures minimal impact on business activities, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and costly emergency repairs.

Minimise Site Disturbance

By precisely locating pipeline issues, site disturbances are limited to the necessary areas, eliminating unnecessary disruptions. All activities comply with pipeline safety regulations to ensure the highest safety standards. This targeted approach also reduces the environmental impact and inconvenience to surrounding areas.

Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment (CCTV) features

Detailed Reports and Structural Ratings

TDG’s pipeline inspection and condition assessment services ensure minimal operational impact while providing detailed reports with structural and serviceability ratings. These reports offer a comprehensive overview of the pipeline’s condition, enabling informed decision-making. Our in-line inspection methods, including smart pigs and other advanced techniques, provide a thorough assessment of pipeline conditions, adhering to WSA and IPWEA standards.


Advanced Technologies for Comprehensive Assessment

Our systems are designed for all sizes of sewer and stormwater assets, including laser profiling capabilities. Remotely operated 6-wheel drive CCTV robots navigate through bends and pits with ease, ensuring thorough inspections. We utilise industry-standard reporting software (Wincan V8 or VX) to consistently deliver quality outcomes.


Pipe Rehabilitation Recommendations

Our team offers recommendations for pipe rehabilitation based on detected defects, and scheduling necessary maintenance actions. We employ ultrasonic testing and radiographic testing to detect issues like cracks and corrosion within pipelines, ensuring comprehensive assessment and timely intervention.


GIS Mapping for Enhanced Asset Management

TDG provides Graphic Information System (GIS) mapping of assets through UtilityTrack (UT), our web-based GIS portal. UT offers real-time transfer of information, including locating data, photos, and CCTV reports, providing a complete view of your assets. Immediate access to data on problematic or hazardous segments allows for swift action to mitigate risks. UT also facilitates the monitoring of production and progress, sharing information between stakeholders, and accessing past surveys to improve the effectiveness of cleaning crews.


CCTV Investigations

We inspect pipelines ranging from 100mm to 2500mm in diameter, completing continuous lengths of up to 500m from a single location. Using state-of-the-art HD 1080p cameras, we capture crystal-clear images for detailed analysis. Our vehicles, equipped with solar panels, battery banks, and intelligent power management systems, enable silent and eco-friendly operations. Real-time uploads to the cloud via wifi and 5G connections allow our data teams to review and deliver reports within 24 hours.


Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) Profiling

Our MSI profiler combines an HD panoramic camera, sonar, and infrared laser to provide accurate data on ovality, corrosion, capacity, debris volume, and other pipeline conditions. This technology surveys pipelines from 450mm to 3,000mm in diameter at speeds of up to 15m per minute, without requiring personnel to enter high-flow pipelines. The MSI profiler can survey pipelines up to 3,000m long from a single access point.


Laser Profiling

Laser profiling generates highly accurate profiles of pipes by projecting a ring of laser light onto the internal pipe surface. This method provides a 360-degree high-resolution digital camera array, fully automated measurements at 3mm intervals in 3m pipes, and profiling capabilities for pipes from 150mm to 3m in diameter.


Push Camera CCTV Investigations

Our push camera CCTV system inspects narrow pipelines and sewage systems with diameters of less than 150mm. The waterproof, high-resolution camera transmits real-time video, illuminating the exterior wall cavities of drains with LED lights. This allows our specialists to gather valuable information about the condition of the pipeline.


Fixed Zoom Cameras

Fixed zoom cameras, equipped with powerful lighting and optical zoom, provide a cost-effective way to identify major structural issues and blockages within a network. Suitable for DN225 to DN2250 pipes, these cameras can see up to 100m under ideal conditions, providing quick and efficient assessments.


Jet Cameras

Jet camera nozzles are used in conjunction with high-pressure jetting units to capture pre- and post-cleaning footage. This technology ensures that problematic blockages are cleared and helps identify structural issues that may have caused blockages.


Boat Surveys

For large-diameter pipes with fast water flow, high water levels, and long distances between manholes, traditional CCTV cameras are ineffective. Our CCTV boat, which floats on the surface, is pulled through the pipe, providing effective inspections in challenging conditions. The boat can be coupled with the MSI unit to combine HD camera, laser profiling, and sonar technologies for a comprehensive 360-degree pipe profile.


CleverScan Manhole Inspections

CleverScan inspects manholes efficiently without confined space entry, supporting production rates of up to 15 manholes per day. The device captures detailed images of manhole walls, allowing analysts to identify structural defects and infiltration quickly. The adjustable tripod ensures stability on uneven surfaces, and the compact, lightweight design allows deployment by a single operator.


Completely Customisable Solutions

TDG customises CCTV camera systems to suit specific project requirements, accommodating all sizes of sewer and stormwater assets. Our customisation process is informed by thorough data analysis, ensuring the most effective solutions for each project.


Silent Technology for Noise-Sensitive Areas

Silent inverter technology makes TDG the ideal choice for works near noise-sensitive receptors, as well as for night or weekend operations. This technology ensures minimal disruption to surrounding areas while maintaining high standards of efficiency.


Accurate Mapping and As-Built Layouts

Our experienced operators create accurate plans and update existing ones based on detailed inspection data. This ensures that you have reliable maps of your underground assets, enhancing asset management and maintenance planning.


Speedy Delivery and Easy Access to Data

TDG provides GIS mapping of assets through UtilityTrack, our web-based GIS portal, offering near real-time transfer of information. This system ensures you have the most current data at your fingertips, facilitating week-to-week updates and efficient sharing of information between stakeholders.

What makes our service unique?

Completely customisable

TDG will customise a CCTV camera system to suit your specific project’s requirements, with systems built to suit all sizes of sewer and stormwater assets.

Silent Technology

Silent inverter technology makes TDG the natural selection for works near noise sensitive receptors, and for night or weekend works.


Don’t know where your underground assets are? Not confident you current mapping is correct? Our operators are experienced in both creating plans, and updating existing plans. When and inspection is returned, we can also give the correct as-built layout.

Speed of delivery, and easy access to works history

While carrying out pipeline inspection and condition assessment, TDG can also provide Graphic Information System (GIS) mapping of assets through UtilityTrack – our web-based GIS portal – to give you a full view of your assets. UtilityTrack allows for near real-time transfer of information (dependant on cellular coverage) including locating information, photos, CCTV reports, and more.

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