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What is Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment (CCTV)?

The internal inspection of an underground pipe using robotic CCTV, and other sensor technology such as sonar and laser, to ensure the conduit has structural integrity and is performing as designed.

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Pipes are assessed to a national standard (typically WSA05 or NZPIM), which allows a detailed report to be produced highlighting service and structural issues.


Inspection allows the asset owner to take targeted action to rectify these issues via pipeline rehabilitation or cleansing or to closely monitor the issue for progression. This ensures that the level of service requirements are met, and the potential for incidents and insurance claims are minimised.

What problem does Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment (CCTV) solve?

Full visibility of your utilities

If you need an entire catchment surveyed, or full visibility of a portion of your underground pipelines, this service is what you need. With full, detailed reports provided, you’ll be equipped with the information you need.

Locate blockages easily

Using CCTV is a simple and non-destructive way to locate the source of any blockages. Our team will provide pipeline rehabilitation recommendations for defects and can schedule these for immediate action if critical faults are discovered.

Limit unplanned downtime

Knowing the exact location and source of any issues or maintenance required means any downtime can be planned for, minimising disruption to your operations.

Minimise site disturbance

With the question of location out of the way, any site disturbance will be limited to only the necessary location, eliminating any unnecessary site disturbance.

Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment (CCTV) features

With TDG’s pipeline inspection and condition assessment, we ensure that the impact on your operations is minimal, and detailed reports are produced with structural and serviceability ratings generated to provide an overall condition report of the assets. All reports are in line with WSA and IPWEA standards.


Our systems are built to suit all sizes of sewer and stormwater assets and include laser profiling capabilities. With remotely operated 6-wheel drive CCTV robots, our systems can navigate through bends and pits with ease. We use current industry standard reporting software (Wincan V8 or VX) to ensure a quality outcome every time.


Our team will also provide pipe rehabilitation recommendations for defects, including regular maintenance where necessary, and can schedule these for immediate action if critical faults are discovered.


While carrying out pipeline inspection and condition assessment, TDG can also provide Graphic Information System (GIS) mapping of assets through UtilityTrack (UT) – our own web-based GIS portal – to give you a full view of your assets. UT allows for real-time transfer of information (including locating information, photos, CCTV reports, etc.) and is exclusively available with TDG. The Immediate access that UT provides to data on problematic or hazardous segments allows swift action to reduce or remove the risk of property damage or injury. It also provides the ability to monitor production and progress, an easy way to share information between stakeholders, photographic evidence of cleaning activities, and access to past surveys to improve effectiveness of cleaning crews.


Our Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment (CCTV) offering includes: 

  • CCTV Investigations: to inspect pipe lines from 100mm to 2500mm in diameter. We can complete continuous lengths of up to 500m at any one time from any one location, using the latest state-of-the-art HD 1080p cameras, capable of recording crystal clear images for detailed analysis. Our vehicles are equipped with solar panels, battery banks, and intelligent power management systems that allow works to be completed silently and in the most eco-friendly way. Vehicles are also equipped with wifi and 5G data connections, allowing for real-time uploads to the cloud for immediate review by our data teams who can complete reporting deliver reports to you within 24 hours.
  • Multi-sensor Inspection (MSI) Profiling: Our MSI profiler combines an HD panoramic camera, sonar, and infrared laser to provide pipeline engineers and contractors with accurate empirical data on the ovality, corrosion measurements, capacity, debris volume, and other conditions in new and existing pipelines, without the need for a person to walk through high flow pipelines. The unit is pulled through 450mm to 3,000mm pipes at speeds of up to 15m per minute and can survey a pipeline from a single access point up to 3,000m long.
  • Laser Profiling: our laser profiler produces a highly accurate profile of the pipe by analysing a ring of laser light projected onto the internal pipe surface to build a digital pipe profile. This allows for a 360 degree high-resolution digital camera array, fully automated measurement at 3mm in a 3m pipe, profiling pipes from 150mm to 3m in diameter, and float/on-board mounting.
  • Push Camera CCTV Investigations: our CCTV push camera is a high-quality, waterproof camera that inspects narrow pipelines and sewage systems of <150mm in diameter. These cameras transmit a real-time, high-resolution video, illuminating the exterior wall cavities of a drain with its LED light to provide valuable information to our specialists. The CCTV drain camera is waterproof and robust enough to endure the harsh environment of a sewer or conduit.
  • Fixed Zoom Cameras: Equipped with a powerful lighting system and optical zoom, the zoom camera system provides a quick and cost effective way to identify major structural issues and blockages within a network. Suitable for DN225 to DN2250 pipes, the zoom camera is able to see up to 100m under ideal conditions.
  • Jet Cameras: Our Jet camera nozzle can provide valuable insight when only a high pressure jetting/combination unit is on site. Attached to the end of the jetting hose, the camera is able to capture pre and post clean footage. This provides certainty that a problematic blockage has been cleared, and can identify major structural issues that may have caused the pipe to become blocked.
  • Boat Surveys: In large diameter pipes, the size, fast water flow, high water level, and long distances between manholes prevent traditional CCTV cameras from being effective. Our CCTV boat floats on the surface and is pulled through the pipe, and is widely used where flow is an issue and can be coupled with the MSI unit to combine use of the HD camera, laser profiling tool, and sonar to create a 360° profile of the pipe.

What makes our service unique?

Completely customisable

TDG will customise a CCTV camera system to suit your specific project’s requirements, with systems built to suit all sizes of sewer and stormwater assets.

Silent Technology

Silent inverter technology makes TDG the natural selection for works near noise sensitive receptors, and for night or weekend works.


Don’t know where your underground assets are? Not confident you current mapping is correct? Our operators are experienced in both creating plans, and updating existing plans. When and inspection is returned, we can also give the correct as-built layout.

Speed of delivery, and easy access to works history

While carrying out pipeline inspection and condition assessment, TDG can also provide Graphic Information System (GIS) mapping of assets through UtilityTrack – our web-based GIS portal – to give you a full view of your assets. UtilityTrack allows for near real-time transfer of information (dependant on cellular coverage) including locating information, photos, CCTV reports, and more.

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