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What is Chemical Root Treatment?

TDG Environmental’s patented spot spray applicator is designed and built to target areas directly affected by tree root intrusion in your sewer system. Ideal for reticulation sewerage systems where the majority of root intrusion occurs.


Sewer blockages caused by tree roots is a common problem which can potentially impact public health and safety whilst resulting in increased asset management costs.


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The traditional method of chemically treating an entire length of pipe in order to eliminate a section of root intrusion with no visual inside the pipe means that there is no guarantee of success in resolving your issue.


Conversely, TDG Environmental’s process involves only treating areas that have been visually identified within the pipe, resulting in a significant reduction in the volume of chemical used. Data has shown that our spot spray process uses up to 98% less chemical than traditional root foaming methods. Furthermore, CCTV inspection following the treatment provides visual confirmation of successful treatment of the affected area and a clear understanding of asset condition.


Preventative maintenance

We can assist in developing a preventative maintenance program with you to ensure asset condition is optimised and business KPI’s are delivered. Our specialised root-cutting equipment prepares pipelines prior to treatment ensuring maximum absorption during application.

What are the benefits of using TDG for Chemical Root Treatment?

Efficient Chemical Usage

Our spot spray process minimizes the environmental impact and resource consumption.


The targeted nature of our process not only reduces the environmental footprint but also contributes to cost savings. With a minimal amount of chemicals required for treatment, clients can benefit from a more economical solution.

Visual Confirmation of Success

Our spot spray process is followed by CCTV inspection, providing clients with a clear visual confirmation of the successful treatment of the affected area.

Tailored Preventative Maintenance Programs

By utilising specialised root-cutting equipment and optimising asset conditions, we help businesses establish proactive measures to prevent root intrusion

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