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What is Pits, Pipe and Culvert Cleaning?

Pipe and culvert cleaning is the process of removing accumulated materials from pipes and culverts to ensure smooth water flow and prevent blockages.

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Pipe and culvert cleaning is the process of removing debris, sediment, and other accumulated materials from pits, pipes and culverts to ensure smooth water flow and prevent blockages or flooding. Pipes and culverts are essential components of drainage systems, sewer systems, and other infrastructure, and regular cleaning is necessary to maintain their functionality.

Whether it’s a clogged drain deep in the pipe or a case of tree roots, our teams have the equipment and expertise to get the job done.

What problem does Pipe and Culvert Cleaning solve?

Remove blockages

Regular cleaning removes blockages, ensuring smooth water flow and preventing potential damage to the infrastructure, drainage problems, localised flooding, or backups in sewer systems.

Increase capacity

Cleaning removes accumulated debris and sediment, restoring full capacity of pipes and culverts and preventing potential flooding or water damage.

Proactively maintain longevity

Regularly removing debris and buildup helps prevent future blockages, maintaining longevity and effectiveness of the drainage system, and reducing the risk of sudden failures or costly emergency repairs.

Water quality and environmental impact

Removing accumulated contaminants, sediment and pollutants helps prevent the buildup of organic matter that can lead to the growth of bacteria, and reduces the risk of runoff carrying pollutants into natural water bodies.

Pits, Pipe and Culvert Cleaning Features

Pipe and culvert cleaning plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning, longevity, and environmental sustainability of drainage systems, while also helping to maintain infrastructure integrity. TDG offers unique and high-quality culvert cleaning services, with the know-how and equipment to get it done.


TDG Environmental’s cleaning solutions provide unparalleled efficiency gains compared to traditional methods, ensuring rapid removal of mud and debris from culverts.


Drain and Pipe Cleaning using High-Pressure Water and Vacuum

Our combination jet/vac trucks use hydro jetting to blast built-up debris from pipes and vacuum it up to prevent any further blockages downstream. They are high-velocity water-jetting units, custom imported and one of the most powerful trucks in Australia, and they’re able to move large amounts of debris and cut through masses of tree roots when necessary.


These trucks can cut and extract root masses from a pipe system, producing the best result for the downstream network, the environment, safety, and productivity. We’re equipped with a large array of root-cutting attachments to overcome even the largest of root masses. Using a combination jet/vac unit also eliminates the need for confined space entry.


Root Cutting

Tree root growth in pipes can prevent flow and cause extensive damage to the asset. Traditional methods of root cutting can pose many risks to the operator and the environment and can be time-consuming and unproductive. To alleviate these issues, TDG Environmental utilises our Combination Jet/Vac Units to cut and extract root masses from a pipe system. This produces the best result for the downstream network, the environment, WHS and productivity. We are equipped with a large array of root-cutting attachments to overcome even the largest of root masses. Using a Combination Jet/Vac Unit eliminates the need for confined space entry as a vacuum can be utilised to capture debris as opposed to a basket.


Culvert Cleaner (Green Climber)

The green climber machine is adept at performing maintenance activities on swales, easements, culverts, basins, and roadside areas. Its remote access feature facilitates efficient debris and sediment removal from easements, culverts, and basins, ensuring effective and safe operation in various environmental conditions.


Jet Cameras

Jet camera nozzles are used in conjunction with high-pressure jetting units to capture pre- and post-cleaning footage. This technology ensures that problematic blockages are cleared and helps identify structural issues that may have caused blockages.


With great cleaning capacity, forward thrust, and debris transportation, the nozzle uses exchangeable ceramic jets and various nozzles. Its AI software automatically analyzes videos for defect coding, classification, and prioritization. Recording starts automatically when the pressure switch activates the bright LEDs.

What makes our service unique

Best-in-class equipment

Our combination jet/vac trucks can blast built-up debris in pipes and culverts from 50mm upwards and can be tailored to suit any type of blockage. Their vacuum power spans 4,200- 5,900 cfm, enabling us to service greater heights and distances.

Saving you time and money

With our investment in best-in-class equipment, comes time and money savings for you. We aim to provide the best value possible and are pleased that we’re able to reduce our cost to you with the time saved.

Safety and environment first

Investing in innovative equipment that keeps our people out of harms’ way while simultaneously reducing our impact on the environment will always be an easy decision for us, as it aligns with our core values.

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