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Cleaning of a Culvert Chamber in NSW

Faced with an extremely challenging culvert, this historic brick arch required precision and caution due to its fragile nature, susceptible to damage if mishandled. TDG Environmental was tasked with cleaning out the culvert chamber, measuring nearly 30m in length and 2m in width.

Project Highlights

  • TDG’s team successfully removed the debris, with over 95% being recycled, aligning with sustainability goals and contributing to a circular economy.
  • Despite the challenging conditions, TDG exceeded expectations by completing the project one day ahead of schedule.

Wastewater Inlet Works Cleaning in NSW

TDG Environmental was reached out by a local council to clean and clear the blockages at the inlet. The client was also aware that we were unable to clear the blockages without Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHPWB).

Project Highlights

  • Confined Space Entry: removing rags and debris around the blocked pipes
  • Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHPWB): leveraging cutting-edge technology to effectively clean inlet pipes and sump.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: sucking debris and sludge out of the inlet pipes and sump with the TDG Eco Recycler

Stormwater Survey, Inspection and Condition Assessment

Stormwater Survey, Inspection and Condition Assessment of the entire North Adelaide Storm Water network

Project Highlights

  • Mapped approx 48km of Stormwater Network & over 3,800 storm water pits.
  • Provided real time updates of project tracking and digital files with TDG’s cloud based Utility Track system.
  • Fully renewed the city’s data on their critical infrastructure, and increased visibility of these assets, the outcome of nearly 6000 man hours

Lagoon Dredging in VIC

TDG’s unmanned (remote operated) dredge is unmatched when it comes to delivering efficient desludging of wastewater lagoons. The minimal footprint requirements of the equipment profile make it an ideal solution for sites that have challenging site constraints.

Project Highlights

  • Use of local providers for earthmoving works.
  • Able to complete the work on time and on budget.
  • Successfully completed the work in a challenging environmentally sensitive site to the client’s satisfaction.

Sewer Bypass in Southport

Successful Partnership with TDG and client in delivery of Sewer Bypass in Queensland

Project Highlights

  • Equipment & Personnel were mobolised to site within 2 hours, staying on scene for 10 days
  • TDG Environmental ’s ability to ramp up immediately and execute work safely and efficiently over an extended period of time
  • Using our Superior Kaiser Technology, combined with our 22,000l Semi Tankers we were able to tanker away the inflows with minimal equipment, managing the risk profile, whilst being cost efficient for the customer.

Queensland Kaiser Case Study

TDG Environmental was engaged to deliver High-Pressure Cleaning, Grit and Rag removal from an 18-meter-deep pump station wet well as part of preparation works prior to rehabilitation.

Project Highlights

  • Works completed safely
  • Cleaning methodology eliminated the need for confined space entry.
  • Kaiser Water Recycling Jet/Vac Units high spec vacuum pump was able to vacuum 18 meters vertically using air assist.
  • Mechanical assistance from the Kaiser’s auxiliary hose reel meant manual handling of vacuum pipe was eliminated.
  • Kaiser Water Recycling Jet/Vac producing minimal noise at high rpm while liquid ring pump reduced odor emission.

Cleveland Pump Station SPS Inlet Line

TDG was contacted to see if the 450mm inlet pipe to SPS005 at Cleveland, QLD could be repaired using trenchless technologies as a standard dig and repair wasn’t possible due to the location and depth (8 meters) of the pipe.

Project Highlights

  • Successful installation of repairs
  • Success development of methodology to rehabilitate pipe whilst maintaining hydraulic performance.

Sandgate STP Mixing Chamber

Clean and CCTV inspect five pipes entering mixing well from biodigesters at Sandgate Sewer Treatment Plant.

Project Highlights

  • Removal of over 5 tonne of debris from pipes
  • Utilisation of Water Recycling vehicle meant minimal potable water was required to clean pipes.
  • TDG crew adapted to changing project and organised scaffolding to access biodigester inlets

Bunya ST Wet Well Cleaning

Bunya Street Pump Station is the largest pump station in Brisbane, handling all waste from the S1 trunk main.

Project Highlights

  • Works completed in one shift
  • TDG water recycler performed flawlessly vacuuming debris from over 30m from unit with a 20m vertical pull
  • Specialised noise cancelling headphones with Bluetooth / UHF communication allowed worker to remain protected whilst maintaining continual communication with crews.

West End 375mm Trunk Main Robotic Concrete Removal

TDG was contacted about using our high-pressure robotic cutter to remove concrete slurry that had entered a 375mm trunk sewer main during construction. Another contractor had started the process of removing the concrete deposit but their robotic milling unit was proving to be ineffective and as a result an alternative methodology was needed.

Project Highlights

  • Achieving up to 1m of concrete removal daily
  • Success development of methodology to effectively remove the concrete from the sewer main.
  • Liaising directly with QUU to provide daily progress updates

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