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What is Septic Waste Cleaning?

At TDG Environmental we specialise in the cleaning of household & industrial septic tanks. We pride ourselves on delivering a fast & professional service. Your septic tank system is a vital part of your home or work. It requires regular cleaning and maintenance to continue functioning effectively and efficiently.

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TDG Environmental provides a comprehensive septic tank cleaning service.

It is recommended that septic tanks be emptied every 3 years. Here are a few tips to ensure your septic tank functions well.

  1. Do not place things like pavers, concrete or buildings over your septic tank as it makes it difficult to access.
  2. Ensure that non-degradable and man-made materials such as sanitary products, nappies, baby wipes, cotton buds etc are not flushed down the toilet.
  3. Try and avoid planting trees near the septic as tree root infestations occur through weak spots such as cracks or unsealed joints around the sewer pipe feeding the tank or the discharge pipe leading to the drain. Root infiltration can lead to drain blockages that has the potential to either back-up into the property or overflow.
  4. Do not flush any animal waste into the septic.

Benefits of using TDG for regular Septic Tank Cleaning

Prevent Tank Damage

Overtime the corrosive matter can build up and compile, especially if there are materials that have been flushed down the drain. Regular cleaning to your septic tank can ensure this can be prevented.

Prevent Clogged & Burst Pipes

Ensuring regular maintenance of your septic tank will ensure that your pipes don’t get clogged, or even worse, burst.

Preferred Contractor

Registered with Barwon Water, Central Highlands Water, Coliban Water, Greater Western Water, Wannon Water and other Water Authorities as a preferred contractor.

EPA Registered

All TDG Environmental’s vehicles are EPA registered

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