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What is Grease Trap Maintenance?

Grease traps capture the oil, grease and food particles from the flow of waste water passing through commercial kitchen sinks, floor drains, dishwashers, ovens and bain maries. The flow of hot greasy water is slowed within the trade waste facility which allows it to cool. As it cools, the grease and oil separate from the water and either float to the top of the trap or sink to the bottom. The cooled water flows to the sewer, whilst baffles prevent the accumulated grease from flowing out of the grease trap.

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TDG Environmental offer safe and innovative removal and disposal of grease trap waste.


With Victoria generating approximately 50,000 m3 of greasy waste each year, it is essential that the waste is collected and disposed of appropriately in order to prevent pollution to the environment and ensure compliance with regulations.


Failure to maintain grease traps leads to grease flowing through the waste water collection system. Over time, this causes blockages and damage to the sewer and private plumbing systems. These outcomes can result in major costs to water authorities & businesses.


Your local water authority ultimately determines how often your grease trap needs to be cleaned to ensure minimal risk to the environment, infrastructure and the community. The frequency is outlined in your trade waste agreement.

Benefits of using TDG for Grease Trap Management

Revolutionary Technology

Our revolutionary technology benefits the environment through a reduction in CO2 emissions resulting from more efficient transportation processes.

Environmentally Friendly

Once collected, we transport the waste to an approved facility for treatment and recycling. Grease trap waste is often reused for potting mixes, composting, land rehabilitation, landscaping, forestry and agricultural purposes.

Experienced Operators

Our operators are EPA trained and competent to ensure all works are carried out in an efficient and responsible manner complying with industry standards.

Hassle Free

TDG Environmental take on the responsibility of liaising with your local Water Authority/EPA and provides them with the required service and compliance reports.

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