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What is Dredging?

Our innovative dredging systems enable the continuous removal of sludge’s, biosolids and other materials from treatment plant lagoons, ponds, dams, and other water bodies. We can remove settled solids and floating materials during the treatment process so there is no impact to the performance of a live plant. 

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The Remote Operated Dredge (ROD) improves operator safety by eliminating the need to work on-water.


We are highly experienced in the complete project management of dredging and desludging projects, including the operation of specialised equipment such as a Remote Operated Dredge (ROD), float, odour control tools and other ancillary equipment. We have successfully completed a wide range of dredging and desludging projects and employ experienced full-time operators who complete the work to a high standard. All wastes for offsite disposal are transported in EPA licensed vehicles and disposed of at EPA licensed facilities.

Benefits of using TDG for our dredging service

Enhanced Operator Safety

The implementation of our Remote Operated Dredge (ROD) significantly improves operator safety by eliminating the need for on-water work.

Planning and Management

From planning to execution, our full-time operators ensure high-quality work, and all wastes are transported and disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations.

Cost-Effective Solutions

The integration of in-house services streamlines communication, reduces project costs, and eliminates the need to engage multiple suppliers, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable approach to dredging and desludging projects.

Minimise site disturbance

With the question of location out of the way, any site disturbance will be limited to only the necessary location, eliminating any unnecessary site disturbance.

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