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Pressure Cleaning of Dam in NSW

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TDG was tasked with pressure cleaning and recording data from pressure drains located at the base of the dam wall and spillway. These drains play a crucial role in releasing pressure to maintain the stability of the dam structure. The scope of work included:
  • Establishing site safety measures, including installing a static line on the dam wall for fall arrest.
  • Deploying sediment logs to filter wash waters before discharge into the river system.
  • Utilising a recycling combination unit to conserve water.
  • Verifying drainage parameters, including diameter and depth, before and after cleaning.
  • Vacuum loading drains post-cleaning.
  • Surveying drainage holes.


  • The project was conducted in December 2023, amidst hot weather conditions with temperatures averaging around 36 degrees Celsius daily. The radiant heat from the dam wall further elevated temperatures by 10–15 degrees. To ensure the well-being of the work crew, hydration breaks were prioritised, and operator fatigue was closely monitored.
  • Limited telecommunication due to the remote location necessitated the use of two-way radios for clear communication among operators, data recorders, and other onsite contractors.

The outcome

The client now possesses accurate depth data for drainage holes, some of which were established in 1965 without any prior recordings. Additionally, an average of 1 meter was gained in depth due to the cleaning and removal of sediment from each drainage hole. With all drains cleared, the pressure on the dam wall has been significantly reduced.



Local Government



Project Highlights

  • Safety Commitment: Our team achieved zero injuries while satisfying the client’s requirements, showcasing our unwavering dedication to safety and professionalism.
  • Environmental Responsibility: By utilising a recycler jet/vac, we efficiently recycled water, reducing water consumption and championing sustainable initiatives.
  • Infrastructure Improvement: Clearing operational drains enhanced the structural stability of the dam, bolstering its integrity and functionality for long-term reliability.

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