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TDG Environmental responded to a request from a local council to address blockages at the inlet works of a crucial wastewater treatment plant. Given the task’s nature, Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHPWB) was essential for effective clearing. To minimise disruption, the operation was scheduled during off-peak flow hours, from 2:00 am to 5:30 am, with careful planning to ensure safety and efficiency.


The Delivery

Upon arrival, our team conducted a thorough risk assessment while the client isolated the pump stations. With equipment set up and clearance granted, operators swiftly commenced cleaning using the UHPWB machine and EcoCycler. Despite encountering significant blockages in three out of four pipes, our team adeptly managed the situation, impressing the client with our seamless execution.


Challenges included the presence of multiple blockages, the use of UHPWB to clear these blockages within a confined space environment and the need to work within the constraints of an operational wastewater treatment plant. However, through strategic planning and swift action, we successfully removed the blockages and cleaned the inlet works pipes and tank sludge to the client’s satisfaction.

The outcome

The client praised TDG for our effective communication, meticulous planning, and exemplary management of site safety and equipment, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in every aspect of the project. The wastewater treatment plant was back in operation with full hydraulic capacity restored.





Project Highlights

  • Confined Space Entry: removing rags and debris around the blocked pipes
  • Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHPWB): leveraging cutting-edge technology to effectively clean inlet pipes and sump.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: sucking debris and sludge out of the inlet pipes and sump with the TDG Eco Recycler

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