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Cleaning of a Culvert Chamber in NSW

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  • Faced with an extremely challenging culvert, this historic brick arch required precision and caution due to its fragile nature, susceptible to damage if mishandled.
  • TDG Environmental was tasked with cleaning out the culvert chamber, measuring nearly 30m in length and 2m in width.
  • The chamber contained debris levels of up to 700mm high of granite and sandstone, posing a significant challenge for the project.


  • The culvert chamber’s dimensions and debris composition presented challenges in terms of access and removal.
  • Safely removing the debris while ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment was a primary concern.

The outcome

  • The successful completion of the project demonstrated TDG Environmental’s ability to effectively tackle complex tasks and deliver results that surpass client expectations.
  • By recycling the majority of the debris, TDG showcased its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.




New South Wales

Project Highlights

  • TDG’s team successfully removed the debris, with over 95% being recycled, aligning with sustainability goals and contributing to a circular economy.
  • Despite the challenging conditions, TDG exceeded expectations by completing the project one day ahead of schedule.

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