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Pipeline Rehabilitation for Community Centre in NSW

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TDG was engaged by the client to investigate a pipeline connected to a drainage tank for a Community Centre, which faced surcharge and flooding during heavy rainfall. Utilising CCTV investigation, we identified pipeline obstructions caused by large tap roots and masses. Subsequently, TDG was tasked with restoring the pipeline to its full structural integrity and serviceability.


During the root clearing and fibreglass patch installation process, TDG encountered a challenge as the upstream pit was buried beneath the main entry point to a parking area, rendering it inaccessible. Strategic planning was crucial to overcome this obstacle. We devised a plan using the jetting hose at low pressure to facilitate the movement of the packer into the correct position to cover joints affected by root intrusions. Addressing the challenge of the buried upstream pit without direct access saved the client time and money that would have been spent on organising exposure of the pit. Our approach enabled us to seamlessly complete the job without any delays or disruptions.

The outcome

Through TDG’s CCTV investigation, we pinpointed the issue and proposed a rehabilitation method that spared the client from costly pipeline replacement. Using our robotics machine, we effectively cleared all roots from the pipeline and installed fiberglass patches over the compromised joints. This restored the pipe to its original structural integrity and serviceability, effectively preventing future root intrusion at vulnerable points.


Local Government



Project Highlights

  • Improved Drainage Capacity: Clearing the target line ensured optimal flow during heavy rainfall, mitigating flooding risks.
  • Enhanced Pipeline Integrity: Elevating the pipeline’s serviceability and structural integrity from a rating of 4/5 to 1/5, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Cost-Saving Council Solution: Avoidance of pipeline removal and replacement, offering cost-effective alternatives for the council.

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