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Sediment Removal at Airport in NSW

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Client engaged TDG to assist with a major sediment removal and rectification works project for multiple On-Site Detention Basins within an airport in NSW. These OSDs had suffered years of neglect and were contributing to localised flooding in major rain events. Scope of works outlined below.


  • Sediment sampling, testing, assessment, and classification of material within the OSDs commenced prior to works with results indicating traces of PFAS within the sediment.
  • Utilising TDG’s reach within the industry, competitive disposal pricing was agreed with a licensed receiving facility, with cost savings passed on to the client.
  • Slashing works of access tracks, OSDs, and surrounding areas were conducted using TDG’s Green Climber LV600 Plus RC Mower and Excavators utilising mulching/slashing attachments.
  • The sediment removal process began, ensuring all environmental controls were met, utilising 9t Excavator, 14t Excavator, Posi Track, 6t Dumpy, Rigid Tippers, Truck and Dogs, Green Climber LV600
  • On completion of removal works, all waste was transported to licensed receiving facilities, the site cleaned, and handed back to the client.


Due to years of neglect, access to the On-Site Detention Basins was poor; overgrown vegetation blocked access to most sites along with previously eroded access tracks to basin entries. Additionally, the OSD outlets were blocked with unmaintained vegetation and large sediment deposits, resulting in improper water discharge as per their design, thereby complicating the removal works.

The outcome

TDG provided an end-to-end cost-effective solution by project managing, removing, and transporting over 300t of PFAS-traced material from multiple OSDs within an airport in NSW, successfully exceeding client expectations. Works were delivered on time, within budget, and with zero environmental harm, accidents, or incidents.





Project Highlights

  • Efficient Sediment Removal: TDG efficiently managed over 300t of PFAS-traced sediment from multiple On-Site Detention Basins at the airport, addressing years of neglect and flooding issues.
  • Cost Savings: TDG negotiated competitive disposal pricing with licensed facilities, resulting in significant savings for the client.
  • Overcame Access Challenges: TDG provided an end-to-end solution, completing the project on time, within budget, and with zero environmental harm, exceeding client expectations.

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