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Smoke Testing in Regional NSW

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TDG was engaged by the client to conduct smoke testing as a proactive measure aimed at identifying and addressing leaks and defects in sewer systems. With the local pump station recording higher water flow than its scheduled capacity, TDG’s smoke testing successfully pinpointed areas of concern within the sewer infrastructure, leading to targeted repairs, improved system integrity, and enhanced environmental protection.


Challenges: One significant challenge encountered during sewer smoke testing projects is limited access to certain areas of the sewer infrastructure. Sewer systems can be extensive and complex, often spanning across various terrains, including residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Accessing private properties or industrial sites for smoke testing purposes may require permissions from multiple stakeholders, including property owners, businesses, and regulatory authorities. Additionally, some areas of the sewer network may be located in remote locations, making them difficult to reach and inspect thoroughly.

Addressing this challenge requires:

Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging with property owners, businesses, and regulatory agencies to obtain necessary permissions and approvals for accessing sewer infrastructure within private properties or restricted areas.

Strategic Planning: Developing a comprehensive testing plan that prioritises high-risk areas and optimizes the use of available resources to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of smoke testing efforts, such as testing near schools and businesses.

The outcome

Through the implementation of smoke testing using TDG’s UtilityTrack System, the client gained invaluable insights into the condition of their sewer infrastructure. By pinpointing defects and leakages accurately and swiftly, the client was empowered to undertake targeted repairs, thereby enhancing the integrity of the system, reducing the risk of environmental contamination, and ensuring uninterrupted sewer services for the community.


Local Government



Project Highlights

  • Innovative Testing Solutions: Implementing non-toxic smoke testing methods to effectively pinpoint defects and illegal connections, ensuring environmentally friendly and accurate results.
  • Transparent Communication: Client accolades for providing daily production reports and prompt communication of any immediate issues, fostering transparency and trust throughout the project duration.
  • Technology Excellence Acknowledged: Client recognition and commendations for the advanced capabilities of UtilityTrack technology, enhancing project efficiency and effectiveness.

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