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Cleaning of NSW Sewer Treatment Plant

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Client engaged TDG to assist with grease removal using a Class B pump for water blasting. After years of grease buildup in the sediment tank, it was deemed unsafe for the contractor to perform any hot works. TDG entered the confined space and removed all hot work hazards using high-pressure water blasting and emulsified grease down to run back through the treatment plant. Scope of the project is outlined below.


  • Plan works with client and contractors in the work area for risks associated with working with or near high-pressure water.
  • Ensure all FIFM and LOTO procedures are in place before entry into the confined space.
  • Test all equipment before work commences and ensure operators are equipped with appropriate PPE for the task, including:
    • Aquatech Combo Unit
    • 200m 1/2inch water blasting hose
    • Tipper Truck
    • 5 skilled and nationally accredited operators.
  • Provide a cleaning certificate to the client and ensure the site is cleaned and handed back to them.


  • Remove grease in a timely and safe manner, working with and near other contractors in a confined space.
  • Maintain constant communication between the contractor and TDG to keep the workflow smooth and safe.
  • Ensure Beakon inductions, permits, SWMS, FIFM, LOTO, risk assessments, confined space certifications, and all relevant tickets are up to date and visible upon request.

The outcome

TDG has demonstrated our professionalism in industrial cleaning, providing the client with solutions for all onsite works with a can-do attitude.


Sewer & Water Authority



Project Highlights

  • Safe Grease Removal: TDG safely removed years of grease buildup from the sediment tank using a Class B pump for water blasting, avoiding the need for hot works.
  • Rigorous Safety Measures: TDG meticulously planned and executed the project, ensuring strict adherence to FIFM and LOTO procedures, thorough equipment testing, and provision of appropriate PPE.
  • Effective Communication: TDG maintained constant communication with the client and contractors, ensuring a smooth and safe workflow, demonstrating professionalism, and delivering successful outcomes.

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