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The client required underground asset verification along The Esplanade for future upgrades to a high-risk sewer pump station rising main, linking to the Portarlington waste treatment facility via local council roads. Our team meticulously located, exposed, and documented assets, coordinating with traffic control and surveyors to ensure efficient operations.


  • Navigating through multiple jurisdictions and permit requirements from various governing bodies posed logistical challenges.
  • Organising the allocation of assets and contractors in a specific order was crucial for project success.

The outcome

The local council now possesses comprehensive visibility of their assets, empowering future projects with accurate data and minimal disruption to existing infrastructure.





Project Highlights

  • Comprehensive Coordination: We adeptly managed the project scope, involving multiple contractors and navigating through various permit requirements from local government authorities and transportation departments.
  • Efficient Operations: Our team efficiently conducted non-destructive digging and asset verification, ensuring accurate data collection while minimising disruptions to local traffic and residents.
  • Timely Completion: Despite logistical challenges, we delivered the project on time, meeting client expectations and demonstrating our commitment to excellence in project management.

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