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Owning and operating our own recycling facility, Mainstream Recycling, means we have the upper hand in expertise when serving the waste and recycling industry. We’ve been able to lend this expertise to a number of small and large operations in the sector with a range of services that provide comprehensive waste management solutions addressing the specific needs and challenges of this industry.

Our services to the waste and recycling industry focus on promoting environmentally responsible waste management practices, maximising recycling efforts, and ensuring compliance with waste disposal regulations. By offering custom solutions and expertise, we assist waste and waste management companies in minimising environmental impacts and achieving their sustainability goals.

Some examples of the way we have served organisations in the business of disposal and recycling are described below. 

  • Bulk Waste Transport: where an organisation doesn’t have the ability to transport waste to their own waste or recycling depot, we can assist with transportation of large quantities of waste materials using specialised waste vehicles purpose-built to transport substantial volumes of waste efficiently and safely. We’ve got the equipment and licenses necessary and are familiar with the compliance requirements for each type of waste.
  • Pipe and Culvert Cleaning: the process of removing accumulated materials from pipes and culverts to ensure smooth water flow and prevent blockages. Whether it’s a clogged drain deep in the pipe or a case of tree roots, our teams have the equipment and expertise to get the job done and ensure that our clients can continue with their waste and recycling operations.

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