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Clean and CCTV inspect five pipes entering mixing well from biodigesters at Sandgate Sewer Treatment Plant.


  • High levels of debris / sludge in pipe
  • Scaffolding needed to be erected to allow inlet pipe to be cleaned
  • Over 40m of vacuum hose had to be run horizontally and 10m vertically

The outcome

Over the four days over 5 tonne of solid grit was removed from the lines, there was also large volumes of fat removed during jetting this was broken down during cleaning, captured by the vacuum truck and released with water into the Bio-Digester.


Nearly all the water used during cleaning was recycled sewer water taken from the system, filtered by the Kaiser cleaning truck and then reused to clean pipes further.


Government and Council


Brisbane, Queensland

Project Highlights

  • Removal of over 5 tonne of debris from pipes
  • Utilisation of Water Recycling vehicle meant minimal potable water was required to clean pipes.
  • TDG crew adapted to changing project and organised scaffolding to access biodigester inlets

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