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TDG was tasked with providing 5 x 10,000ltr tankers to assist in reducing flow levels so as UU contractors could perform cleaning and CCTV works on the S18 sewer trunk main.


Tankers were positioned at Campbell St, Bowen Hills and Federation St, Windsor and were required to vacuum flows from up to 10 meters below ground, then transport the wastewater to disposal pump stations at Albion Park and Bowen Hills.


The crews were required to continually perform these runs multiple times per night to ensure flow levels did not exceed maximum holding levels.


  • Deep structures up to 10m below surface
  • Coordination of multiple units
  • Night Shift
  • Residential areas
  • Client requests for additional fitting to trial hydraulic pump.

The outcome

Over the 8 nights all works were completed safely and without issue.


One of the key highlights of the project was the development of a new methodology for filling tankers that was developed by TDG staff onsite during the course of works.


The new methodology utilised one tanker which was tasked with vacuuming the sewer from the network, the same truck would then transfer the liquid to waiting tankers which would take the loads of sewer to their designated disposal sites.


This method greatly reduced setup times as well as simplifying vehicle movements onsite, which we believe contributed to sewer levels being 2 meters below projected.


The other key highlight was receiving a commendation from Simon Carr QUU Project Site Supervisor on the way works were conducted by all persons involved.




Brisbane, Queensland

Project Highlights

  • TDG staff developing a new methodology for vacuum removal of sewer reducing vehicle movements and increasing efficiency in tanker filling.
  • Achieving a flow level 2 meters lower than projected due to the efficiency of units and new methodology.

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