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TDG Environmental was engaged by their client to deliver High-Pressure Cleaning, Grit and Rag removal from an 18-meter-deep pump station wet well as part of preparation works prior to rehabilitation.


Due to the depth of the structure and proximity to the wet well TDG was asked to perform cleaning works without entry if possible.


The pump station was located close to houses in a residential area, so consideration was made to reduce noise and smell pollution created during the cleaning process.


  • Deep structure at 18 meters
  • Cleaning of structure without entry
  • Lowering of 18m of vacuum pipe into structure
  • Residential area requiring minimal noise and odor pollution

The outcome

Combining the knowledge of our skilled operators, correct cleaning methodology and superior the vacuum power of the Kaiser Water Recycling Jet/Vac TDG was able to complete cleaning of the structure quickly and efficiently removing all obstructions including debris in the bottom of the structure with out the need for confined space entry.


The use of mechanical aid from the Kaisers auxiliary reel to lower sections of hard pipe used for vacuum eliminated the risk of physical injury to workers who traditionally lower the hard pipes by manually by hand.


All effluent waste, rag and debris were taken off-site for disposal.




Brisbane, QLD

Project Highlights

  • Works completed safely
  • Cleaning methodology eliminated the need for confined space entry.
  • Kaiser Water Recycling Jet/Vac Units high spec vacuum pump was able to vacuum 18 meters vertically using air assist.
  • Mechanical assistance from the Kaiser’s auxiliary hose reel meant manual handling of vacuum pipe was eliminated.
  • Kaiser Water Recycling Jet/Vac producing minimal noise at high rpm while liquid ring pump reduced odor emission.

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