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Cleveland Pump Station SPS Inlet Line

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TDG was contacted to see if the 450mm inlet pipe to SPS005 at Cleveland, QLD could be repaired using trenchless technologies as a standard dig and repair wasn’t possible due to the location and depth (8 meters) of the pipe.


Upon inspection it was found that the top of the pipe was completely missing and a continuous flow of ground water was entering the pipe.


After consultation with our RPEQ and Council it was deemed that a fibreglass repair would not be suitable due to the thickness required to form a structural repair would bring about too greater hydraulic loss. hydraulic


TDG in consultation with our RPEQ developed a custom methodology comprising of a fibreglass / resin outer repair to return the pipe ovality to 100%, Smart Lock stainless band inner for structural strength and a final inner fibreglass / resin inner layer to seal all Smart Locks and stop water ingress.


  • Continuous water infiltration
  • Pipe depth 8 meters
  • Extremely dilapidated pipe
  • Pipe flowed through building.

The outcome

TDG was successfully able to repair the 450mm main without issue, restoring both structural strength and hydraulic capacity to the line .


The repair method was signed off by an RPEQ and pipe handed back to council.




Redland, QLD

Project Highlights

  • Successful installation of repairs
  • Success development of methodology to rehabilitate pipe whilst maintaining hydraulic performance.

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